Mayor won’t veto tenant protections

Lee realizes that his candidate in D3 is in enough trouble with tenants already

A victory for Sup. Jane Kim and tenants as mayor declines to veto key law

A victory for Sup. Jane Kim and tenants as mayor declines to veto key law

By Tim Redmond

OCTOBER 9, 2015 — Five pm came and went today without a mayoral veto, which means that the full package of tenant protections approved by the supervisors have become law.

Under the San Francisco City Charter, if the mayor takes no action on a measure it goes into effect without his signature. He has to veto it to block implementation – and while Lee clearly didn’t like parts of the Eviction 2.0 bill, a veto would have infuriated tenants and almost certainly had an impact on the District Three race, where Chrisensen, an ally of the mayor, is trying to portray herself as friendly to tenants.

Christensen is in enough trouble with tenants right now: Her comments in a San Francisco Chronicle story this week were insulting to Sups. David Campos and Jane Kim, and even more insulting to tenants:

Christensen also criticized Supervisor Jane Kim for what she described as overblown stories of awful landlords evicting poor tenants.

“Jane can bring out these horror stories — most of which have not taken place, even in California — and the property owners have their own horror stories,” she said.

Bizarre statement in a city where almost everyone knows someone who is facing an eviction – and the horror stories are true, and endless. Continue reading

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The Tom and Tim Show: A mayoral non-debate, the mayor and the evictions law …

… and the first LGBT studies class in any high school in America. We talk about the week


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Lee avoids tough questions in mayoral debate

The challengers did the best they could, but a weak format allowed Lee to duck any criticism of his record


By Tim Redmond

OCTOBER 9, 2015 – Mayor Ed Lee showed up for the one debate with the five other people who have filed to run for his office, and for the most part – despite a hostile audience, some remarkable statements, and a hasty exit – he emerged unscathed, in part because the moderator never raised any questions about the area in which he is most vulnerable: The human costs of the tech-driven boom that he has encouraged and still supports.

The League of Women Voters sponsored the debate at the Genentech Hall on the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. The rules were simple – all the questions came in writing from the audience, and the moderator, Maxine Anderson, chose from them.

Either nobody asked about the housing crisis or those questions never made the cut. Continue reading

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Sharing economy execs sued for cheating nanny out of wages

Sexual harassment charges also part of lawsuit against senior employees of Airbnb and Uber, which encourage lawbreaking as the essence of their business model

Julieta Yang speaks to reporters at a press conference announcing her lawsuit

Julieta Yang speaks to reporters at a press conference announcing her lawsuit

By Tim Redmond

OCTOBER 7, 2015 – There are assholes in every line of work, but the sharing economy seems to attract more than its share.

Maybe its the entitlement of sudden wealth. Maybe its a culture that says: Go ahead, break the law, it doesn’t matter – we can always fix things later. After all, Uber and Airbnb wouldn’t exist at anything remotely resembling their current valuation if they had obeyed existing rules in cities at the time they started.

So while I was horrified this morning to hear from a domestic worker who alleges she was cheated out of wages and sexually harassed as an employee of two tech execs, one working for Airbnb and the other from Uber, I wasn’t really surprised.

Julieta Dela Cruz Yang worked for seven years for Cameron Poetzscher and Varsha Rao. Her story is sadly familiar: A single mother from the Phillipines, she couldn’t find work that would allow her to feed and educate her three kids, so she left them behind and sought employment elsewhere. Continue reading

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BIG WEEK: What to do Oct. 7-11, 2015

Litquake, Shocktoberfest, Sandcastle Contest, Decompression, Latin Legends, Ocean Beach Fest, Indigenous Powwow, Youngblood Brass Band, more essential events.

48 Hills Big Week: Litquake 2015

Hawaii’s first poet laureate (and MIT nuclear physics graduate) Kealoha performs multimedia piece “The Story of Everything,” Mon/12, 7pm as part of Litquake

By Marke B. 

BIG WEEK The vast tsunami of words and acts that is Litquake 2015 washes over the city Oct. 9-17 — and as always, there are too many cool, quirky, crazy, and just plain important literary events to take in. I want to eat the whole thing!

The great ‘Quake officially kicks off this year Fri/9 with “The Devil’s Acre,” an insanely neato-looking tribute to 19th century San Francisco, which doubles as “the official book launch for Drinking the Devil’s Acre, Duggan McDonnell’s illustrated history of cocktails from the wild and wicked saloons of the Barbary Coast. With sea shanty singers from the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, a rarely seen archival slideshow, and a special appearance by Emperor Norton himself. Costumes are encouraged!”

48 Hills Big Week: Litquake

A raucous Barbary Coast bar cartoon helps promote “The Devil’s Acre,” Litquake’s opening party, Fri/9.

There’s a zillion other things after that: Eric Bogosian reads about the Armenian Genocide, a production of Romeo and Juliet by African American teens, star-spangled reading fiestas featuring everyone from Michelle Tea to Daniel Handler, and, of course, one of my favorite things ever: Litcrawl on Sat/17, the “world’s largest literary pub crawl” along Valencia, which brings 101 readings to bars, bookstores, galleries, even the Mission Police Station. As the Litquake folks put it, “Get drunk on words!”

Continue reading

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